Can Dogs Eat Rambutan?

Can Dogs Eat Rambutan

We know that you take care of your dog just like a baby. Therefore, you might have got this question, “Can dogs eat rambutan?” while munching on a sweet rambutan fruit. Moreover, your always playful dog might have probably snatched one of the rambutans you were eating. Therefore, it is natural that you have the question in your head. 

The answer to the question that is hovering over your head is yes. However, you must know which parts of rambutan fruit suit your pet. It is ok to feed the pet with the flesh of rambutan fruit. But rambutan peels and seeds aren’t edible. Moreover, they can be harmful or toxic to your pet. 

Therefore, before you feed your pet dog rambutan, read this article to know everything about your question. 

Can Dogs Eat Rambutan Fruit?

About Rambutan 

Can Dogs Eat Rambutan Fruit

Some of you might be familiar with the name rambutan. However, you may not have a clear idea about it. If you know lychee or horse chestnuts, it is easier to learn about rambutan fruit. The reason is rambutan belongs to the same family of those fruits. The fruit is commonly available in Asia, Australia, and Central America. 

Moreover, the rambutan fruit has a hairy exterior, usually red in color. Therefore, you can identify rambutan easily. Apart from that, rambutan is soft and juicy. Everyone loves this fruit. 

You can peel off the outside hairy cover easily by using your hands. Furthermore, the taste is almost similar to lychee. People use rambutan not just as a fruit. They use rambutan for cocktails, ice cream toppings, and fruit salad. 

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Can I Feed Rambuttan To My Dog?

Yes, you can. And also, your dog may be interested in rambutan because it has a unique appearance. Luckily, your dog can eat rambutan. Furthermore, rambutan is very sweet and contains sugar. Therefore, you’d better give your dog this fruit in small quantities. Don’t use rambutan as a meal for your pet. But, give it as a snack. 

Moreover, monitoring your dog is vital when it is eating this fruit. Therefore, we recommend you flesh off the edible part of the fruit and give that to your dog. Don’t let the pet eat the peel and seeds because they can be toxic. 

Moreover, if you give your dog rambutan for the first time, ensure that your dog doesn’t get allergies after eating rambutan. 

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Risks of Rambutan For Dogs!

 If you have the question “Can dogs eat rambutan?”, you are in the right place to know the answer. Even though it is true that your dog can eat rambutan, risks are also there. The following are the reasons.


As said previously, rambutan flesh is edible. Moreover, it is safe to eat. However, the outer peel and rambutan seeds aren’t safe. The reason is that they contain toxic components. If your dog eats them, it will end up being seriously ill. 

High Sugar

Most fruits contain sugar in high quantities. Rambutan is no exception. And sugar isn’t a familiar element in a dog’s diet. Furthermore, it is not easy for the pet’s body to digest sugar properly. Hence, eating rambutan often is not good for the dog’s digestive system. Your dog might vomit if this happens, and sometimes it can lead to more serious issues, including diabetes.


The seeds of rambutan fruit might block the intestines. Consequently, issues may arise in the digestive system. Moreover, this happens basically if your dog swallows the entire seed without chewing it up. If this happens, you have to take the dog to the vet. Sometimes, the pet may undergo surgery to remove the blocked seed in the digestive system. 

Rambutan for Dogs: Is it Safe?- Can Dogs Eat Rambutan?

If you want to let your pet taste the taste of rambutan, you have to consider a few things before you do so. First, don’t let your dog eat the whole fruit. And peel off the outer hairy cover of the fruit. Afterward, break the flesh into small pieces before you feed the dog. That way is better. Thus, you can prevent the dog from eating the peel and the seeds. 

Further, if your pet is too small, you must consider whether you need to feed him. Therefore, when you feed your dog rambutan for the first time, try it in small amounts. 

Nutritional Value of Rambutan for Dogs!

Rambutan is most commonly available in Southeast Asia. Moreover, it has an oval shape. Besides, rambutan is in red and green colors. And the fruit has white flesh, which is the edible part. 

Besides, the taste of rambutan is sweet. And it is juicy. Therefore, this is taken more as a dessert. If you feed your dog rambutan in moderate quantities, there won’t be an issue. However, it won’t be very healthy for the pet if you do it the other way around. 


I hope this explanation clears your question, “Can dogs eat rambutan?”. As elaborated above, you can feed your dog rambutan. But not in big amounts. Even though the fruit’s flesh is edible, its peel and seeds aren’t. Moreover, they can be toxic for the pet. 

Further, when you feed the dog rambutan, it is better if you can break the flesh into small parts. Besides, feeding rambutan in high quantities is not healthy because rambutan contains a lot of sugar. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.How much rambutan should I give to my dog?

It is enough to feed your dog rambutan in small quantities. Moreover, the rambutan flesh is not toxic for dogs. But, when you feed the pet in high quantities, it can get sick with diabetes. The reason is that rambutan has a lot of sugar. 

2.What are the alternatives for rambutan?

Rambutan might be a new food for pets. Therefore, you can go for an alternative that contains the same nutrients. There are a lot of alternatives you can give to your pet. For example, lychee, blueberries, carrots, horse chestnuts, and sweet potatoes are a few. 

3.Are rambutan seeds toxic for dogs? 

Yes. The reason is the rambutan seed has amygdalin. And these seeds release cyanide after ingestion. 


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