Can Dogs Eat Apples? in 2023

Can Dogs Eat Apples

Do dogs eat apples? Yes, apples are healthy and safe for dogs. Although the nutrients in these fruits can be good for your dog’s health, there are some potential hazards, such as the seeds and cores. However, apples are completely safe for dogs to eat when prepared properly and in moderation.

Despite this, it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinary surgeon before giving your dog any human food. Before giving your dog a tasty apple snack, consider the following.

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Indeed, apples are a very healthy treat for dogs. In addition to being low in calories and a rich source of nutrients essential for canine health, they are also beneficial for your dog’s teeth and breath.

The following healthy nutrients are present in apples:

  • Ascorbic acid, vitamin C, is a potent antioxidant that protects people and dogs from dangerous free radicals. 10% of the daily recommended dose is contained in just one apple;
  • Quercetin, catechin, and chlorogenic acid are additional antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that support brain and muscle function;
  • Fiber helps to lower sugar levels and feeds healthy bacteria for a strong digestive system;
  • Large amounts of potassium and carbohydrates are also present, providing the body with much-needed energy;

Apples are a great source of these nutrients but cannot replace a balanced diet with supplements. You should choose a supplement designed for dogs and highly recommended by a veterinarian if your dog needs such a supplement for medical reasons.

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Additionally, an apple does have 19 grams of sugar in it. Therefore, moderation is required. Once a day is enough for a few slices, a homemade dog treat, or chopped cubes. Even the skin can left on!

Can Dogs Eat Apples With Skin?

Indeed, canines can consume whole apples (or peel). An apple’s peel has a waxy exterior and is very high in fiber. So, not only is it safe for your dog to eat, but it also contains a lot of nutrients. However, too much peel could become lodged in your dog’s teeth. And even we humans don’t like that.

All fruit that you feed your dog should be thoroughly washed before consumption, especially if they plan to eat the skin. To reduce your dog’s exposure to dangerous pesticides (as well as your own! ), we also advise buying organic.

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What Kind of Apples Can Dogs Have?

Can dogs eat green apples? Consider Fuji. Perhaps pink ladies? Yes, dogs can eat all types of apples, including green ones. But not all apple flavors are favored by all dogs. For instance, green apples have a strong tartness. Your dog might favor the sweeter apple varieties, such as pink ladies or even more common red apples.

Remember that dogs occasionally like green apples added to their food. As a special treat, shred an apple with a peeler or grater and combine it with their regular dog food.

What about apples with caramel or apple sauce?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat caramel apples or applesauce spiced or sweetened. Both contain too much sugar for dogs and other delicious apple-based dishes like apple pie. These derivatives typically contain significantly less fiber, removing one of the apple’s most beneficial nutrients.

As we all know, sugar makes up the entirety of caramel. Additionally, nutmeg, poisonous to dogs, is frequently used to make applesauce. An unsweetened variety of applesauce that contains no harmful spices or additives is acceptable, though.

Unfortunately, diabetes is common in dogs, so feeding them foods with concentrated sugar is asking for trouble. It is a chronic illness that will cost you a lot of money to treat.

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How to Safely Give Apples to Your Dog

Simple but careful preparation ensures the safe feeding of apples to a dog.

  • Wash all fruits purchased at the store thoroughly to begin;
  • After that, cut the apple in half and scoop out the seeds and core. few amounts of cyanide are present in apple seeds, which can harm small dogs severely and undoubtedly irritate larger breeds. Taking out the core also makes sure that your dog can’t choke on anything;
  • Apple should cut into cubes or thin slices;

Pay attention to how many apples you give your dog as well. All human foods should be served in moderation, considering the dog’s size.

  • under 1/2 inch pieces, 1-2 pieces per day for 20 pounds and under;
  • 2-3 pieces, under 1-inch pieces for 30lbs and under;
  • Under 50 pounds: 5 to 6 pieces, under 1 inch in diameter;
  • 90lbs and under a small handful of pieces no larger than one inch;
  • 90lbs+: a sizable handful of pieces smaller than one inch;

Keep a close eye out for your dog in case they accidentally get into your apple supply or a batch of apples that have fallen from the tree. Apple seeds do, as was state, contain cyanide. This poison prevents the cells from getting the oxygen they require, which can lead to heart and brain problems. Call the Pet Poison Hotline if your dog displays the following signs. 

  • consciousness loss;
  • irregular or sluggish heartbeat;
  • Reddish Mucus in the Mouth or Nose;
  • vomiting, convulsions, or nausea;
  • breathing problems and dilated pupils

Apple Homemade Dog Treats

Make your homemade dog treats with apples instead of giving your dog those sugar-filled apple foods. Many dog-lover-friendly recipes are available, but these are a few of our favorites.

  • Apple Frozen Yogurt Doggy Pops: Apple pieces are blended with sugar- and xylitol-free yogurt before being frozen in a popsicle mold. The result delicious frozen treat that is safe for dogs. Attempt it here;
  • Apple Doggy Smoothie: Blend apples with other DogTime-approved fruits like strawberries or bananas to liven up that dog bowl. Attempt it here;
  • Alternatively, you could freeze that smoothie mixture and stuff it inside your dog’s preferred KONG toy. When it’s hot outside in the summer, your dog will enjoy this treat even more. Attempt it here;
  • DIY Dehydrated Apple Snaps: Apple chips from the store typically contain many additives, preservatives, and additional sugar. DIY your own instead! Create your own nutritious apply snap treats using a dehydrator. Attempt it here;

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Apples are a healthy and safe dog treat, but it’s important to consult a veterinarian before giving them any human food. Moderation is necessary, and the skin should be washed before consumption. Organic apples are also recommended. Dogs can eat all types of apples, but not all flavors are favored by all dogs. To ensure safe feeding, wash fruits thoroughly, cut apples into cubes or thin slices, and pay attention to how many apples are given. Serve human foods in moderation, watch for cyanide poisoning, and make homemade dog treats with apples instead of sugar-filled apple foods. Call the Pet Poison Hotline if your dog displays symptoms. Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

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